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Most of us would have heard of the term “lamination.” But does everyone know what lamination is all about?

Let us have a quick study of what lamination is and what its benefits are.

Utilizing multiple layers of two or more materials to form a composite construction with improved strength, stability, and appearance is known as lamination. Numerous materials are known to laminate to one another, and the process is repeated until the laminate possesses the desired qualities.

Laminating glue is an essential part of laminating. To stick the different layers together, laminating glues are applied on both surfaces to make a strong and durable product.

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We provide laminating glues that are developed for high-speed manufacturing, clean machining, and temperature, water, and oil resistance.

Our laminating glues also have excellent lay-flat characteristics, coating, setting speeds, and open times. Our laminating glues can successfully laminate a wide range of substrates, including paper, corrugated boxes, sample boards, folding cartons, and hardbound cases.

What are the Benefits of Lamination?

Laminate is used to protect printed items against stains, smudges, moisture, wrinkles, tears, and other factors that could shorten their usable life. In addition to providing protection, lamination provides strength and rigidity.

A few examples of the various products that can be laminated are menus from bars and restaurants, maps, bookmarks, educational materials, credit and debit cards, and business cards.

The main benefits of lamination are

  • It increases an item’s durability so that it can withstand repeated use.
  • It provides protection against a range of impurities, such as grease, oil, dirt, and fingerprints.
  • Lamination adds firmness and rigidity and also gives the item a look of great quality and importance without affecting the product.
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    When you think of glue sticks and glue guns, chances are good that craft projects come to mind. These handy adhesive wonders are frequently used in the most demanding industrial applications in the world, including commercial packaging and construction.

    Warping problems brought on by the print’s failure are solved by tightening the bond between your print and the bed with a glue stick. It also helps in pin release, preventing PETG from sticking so firmly that your build plate can be damaged when it is removed.

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