Animal Glue

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Jelly glue/Animal glue ready to use for book binding, lamination and box covering provide high tack and speed of bond flexibility of film, good adhesion on different materials. Luxury packing, presentation packing boxes and cases (for gift, jewellery, cutlery, silver, glass works, leather, shoes, cosmetics, wine and spirits) display fancy Sweet boxes, book cases paper industry.

With years of experience and a dedication to perfection, we work to offer our customers the best goods that satisfy their unique needs.

Animal glue, commonly referred to as jelly glue, is a flexible adhesive with several uses. It is made from animal collagen and is widely utilized in a variety of fields, including packaging, carpentry, and bookbinding. Animal glue is the best adhesive for a variety of surfaces and materials because of its outstanding flexibility and bonding strength.

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We provide a wide selection of premium Animal Glue products and are aware of the particular requirements of each of our customers. Our glue is acquired from reputable producers, guaranteeing its dependability and efficiency. With the help of our materials, you can create solid and long-lasting bindings that will help your projects stand the test of time.

Additionally, we are also renowned as the best Lamination Glue Supplier in the UAE. For laminating paper, cardboard, and other materials, lamination glue is the ideal adhesive. Your printed goods, such as posters, pictures, and documents, are enhanced in terms of durability and look by the protective layer it provides.

At Dots Trading, we place a high value on client happiness and work hard to deliver the best products depending on your unique requirements. To make sure that our product offers are current and of the greatest caliber, our devoted team continuously monitors market developments and technical improvements. We regularly evaluate each of our goods to ensure their superior functionality and durability.

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