Glue Dots

Glue Dots

Meet your Glue Dots Supplier in the UAE

Dots Trading offers you pressure sensitive adhesive Dots on rolls. Glue dots using widely for fixing samples in magazines, product samples in catalogues, for sealing promotion literature/debit cards/credit cards etc.


Glue dots offer fast bonding without the mess or drying time of conventional liquid glues. They are versatile and dependable adhesives. They are necessary tools for many different industries, including manufacturing, packaging, and handicraft.

At Dots Trading, we recognize the value of durable adhesives that work well. Because of this, we have carefully selected a large selection of adhesive dots that excel in quality and adaptability.

We take pride in being a trusted Glue Dots Supplier in the UAE As a leading supplier of adhesive solutions in the United Arab Emirates,

To satisfy the various needs of our customers, Dots Trading is pleased to provide premium glue dots. Our adhesive dots have a strong adherence on a range of surfaces since they are created using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our glue dots offer a dependable and fuss-free alternative for mounting images, putting things together, or securing promotional materials.

Due to our attention to quality, we only purchase our glue dots from reliable suppliers who share our passion for excellence. You can be confident that you will only get the best adhesive solutions for your projects because every product is meticulously tested to ensure ideal tackiness and durability.

We prioritise your pleasure because we cherish our consumers. We are committed to you the best adhesive and eyelet solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of professionals is always available to help you select the ideal items and respond to any inquiries you may have.

The leading Eyelets Supplier in the UAE

At Dots Trading, we provide a variety of binding and fastening goods in addition to our expertise in adhesive solutions.

Small metal rings called eyelets are used to strengthen material holes to stop tearing and give a polished appearance. They are frequently employed in crafts like making scrapbooks, banners, shoes, and belts.

As the best Eyelets Supplier in the UAE, we provide high-quality eyelets that are essential for various applications, including leatherwork, garment manufacturing, and paper crafts.

As a trusted provider of eyelets, we recognize the value of strong, simple-to-install eyelets.

To meet various needs, Dots Trading provides a wide range of eyelets. We use high-quality materials to create our eyelets, ensuring their durability and strength. We offer a range of sizes, hues, and finishes to satisfy your particular needs. Our products will meet and surpass your expectations, whether you need eyelets for practical uses or ornamental additions.

Select Dots Trading as your go-to source in the UAE for glue dots and eyelets. We guarantee that you will obtain the best materials for your binding and fastening needs thanks to our dedication to quality, great customer service, and a variety of goods. Get in touch with us right now to discover our huge assortment of stationery supplies and to discover perfection.