Paper Bags Supplier UAE

Why Paper Bags?

Since invented in the 18th-century paper bags have evolved in a way that no has ever expected. New and more improved ways have been developed by manufacturers and are still trying to find more and more ways to make paper bags more durable and resilient.

The typical shapes of paper bags are box-shaped. This allows the paper bags to contain more contents and also have the added advantage of standing up straight.

The biggest users of paper bags are a company which wishes to advertise their brand easily and effortlessly and in the most economical way.

Yes… it’s the shopping bags with brand names printed on their outer side.

Dots Trading – The No # 1 Paper Bags Supplier in UAE

Dots Trading is one of the leading companies in UEA who are also the best Lamination Glue Supplier UAE. The main reason why Dots Trading promotes the use of Paper Bags is to create awareness in people – so as to use methods in all aspects of life which are not harmful to nature.

Paper Bags are considered as one of the most eco-friendly products when it comes to packing material or substance. These Paper Bags are made in a way so that they are easily recyclable. They are also easily biodegradable. Paper Bags are produced from renewable natural resources. This makes Paper Bags to be recycled effortlessly. These Paper Bags can also be used repeatedly if they are used with care. The energy taken to recycle Paper Bags is much less when compared to plastic or other materials used for packing and packaging. As easily recyclable and biodegradable these Paper Bags pose no threat to humans, animals, nature and to our ecosystem.

Advantages of Paper Bags


Eco-Friendly Paper Bags – Paper Bags are made using raw material which is easily obtainable from our environment. These raw materials are natural and are also very eco friendly. These raw materials are environmentally sustainable.

Quality of Paper Bags – Paper Bags are made with the best quality in mind. These paper bags are strong and have the capacity to hold more contents inside them when compared to other materials like plastic. Paper bags can withstand almost anything and with a little care can be used repeatedly.

Cost-effectiveness in the manufacturing of Paper Bags – Paper Bags has a high value in the aesthetic sense. These paper bags are unique in every way of their manufacturing process. As the cost of production is very low when compared to other materials used for packing. This allows the customer to get the best paper bags at the best and most economical rate.

Dots Trading – The complete Paper Bags Supplier in UAE.

Dots Trading is the leading and complete Paper Bags Supplier in UAE. Dots Trading has a large stock consisting of a wide array of Paper Bags in different sizes, shapes and colours, which suits all the packing needs of the customers?
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