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A leading company in UAE, established in 2007. They are considered as the leading supplier of many essential daily use products.

Let’s have a look at some of the products we supply.

1. Hard boxes for Gifts.

2. Perfumes Supplier In UAE.

3. Chocolate Boxes Supplier In UAE.

4. Sweet Boxes Supplier In UAE.

5. Paper Bags Supplier In UAE.

6. Glue sticks Supplier In UAE.

7. Glue Dots Supplier In UAE.

8. Magnets Supplier In UAE.

9. Process Inks for Offset Printing Supplier In UAE.

10.Pantone Inks for Offset Printing Supplier In UAE.

11. Grey Board Supplier In UAE.

12. Kappa Board Supplier In UAE.

13. Stretch Film for wrapping Supplier In UAE.

14. Ejection Rubber Supplier In UAE.

15. Eyelets Supplier In UAE.

16. Eye letting Supplier In UAE.

Here let’s go in detail of Glue Sticks and Glue Dots.

We Supply Glue sticks & Glue Dots in UAE – Dots Trading

Dots Trading – The leading supplier of both Glue sticks & Glue Dots in UAE


We are not just saying that.  As a leading Glue sticks Supplier The happy customers we have served since our humble beginning in 2007 will happily clarify our claim.

Let’s have a look at what Glue sticks & Glue Dots are.

Glue Sticks

A solid adhesive stick which comes out of a tube when the end of the tube is twisted or pushed. It’s a bit like lipstick. The same process of using lipstick by twisting or pushing the end for the lipstick to come out is applicable in Glue Sticks.

This is the easiest way to stick paper or similar items with our creating a mess. Just rub the glue stick on both the surface of the material and apply a very little amount of pressure. It will even stick things without the pressure. But a little pressure is always advisable for maximum results.

Glue Sticks are mainly used to stick paper and cards. They are not as strong as their liquid counterparts. But they are reliable to stick paper together without creating a mess like while using liquid glue.
They are mainly used in offices and schools and colleges for crafts and designs.

Glue Dots.

Glue dots are another method used to stick things together. They can be used in various applications. But the main advantage is that it’s safe for even children to use as it doesn’t create a mess like other sticking methods. They have less residue and odour when compared to liquid glue. Glue dots are globules of adhesive. Glue Dots provide an instant bond which is clean.

Glue dots avoid burns which sometimes happen while using a hot glue gun.

Types of Glue Dots

1. Super High Tack.

2. High Tack Glue Dots.

3. High Shear Tack.

4. Low Tack Glue Dots.

Dots trading is the best customer friendly organization in the UAE. All our products are checked and double-checked to give the best commodity to all our customers. We also make sure these items are sold at the least price available in the market.

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