Animal Glue For Binding Applications

An animal glue is an adhesive that is created by prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue. Stereotypically, horses are the animal in question. However animals like cat or rabbit are also used. Cow hides are exploited in the modern times.

Animal glues are mainly employed in the wood working industry. Its usage dates back to millions of years ago and some of its qualities have made it a popular choice even in the present days. Although other forms of resin glues can be utilized, there are several features which favor animal glues over the former.

Animal glues can be obtained in the form of granules, flakes, or flat sheets. They are then dissolved in water and heated to high temperatures in boilers or water baths. It is necessary that they are applied to the surface before the glue turns into gel as otherwise a weaker bond would culminate.

Hide glue is supplied in many different gram strengths, each suited to specific applications. Instrument and cabinet builders will use a range from 120 to 200 gram strength.

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Advantages of Animal Glue:

The reverse or redissolving nature of animal glue is one quality not found in other glues. This means that heat or steam can release the joints which were previously clamped. Thus specialty applications such as lutherie, pipe organ building, piano repairs, and antique restoration employ animal glues. Other PVA glues require the old glue to be removed first due to the fact that they adhere to themselves which in turn requires the joints to be disassembled causing damage to the varnish or scrapping of some wood.