Know Everything About Velcro

Inventor George De Mestral was walking his dog when he noticed the interesting shape of the cockleburs that had adhered to his pant legs.

It’s hard to imagine what we would do without Velcro, the versatile hook-and-loop fastener used in so many sectors of modern life, from disposable diapers to the aerospace industry. The wonderful invention, nevertheless, almost didn’t happen.

Nature served as the inspiration for the Velcro brand of textile fasteners. The idea for Velcro came to Swiss engineer Georges De Mestral during a 1941 walk in the woods with his dog. When they returned home, De Mestral found that his dog’s fur and his jeans both had burrs (from the burdock plant) clinging to them.

The discoverer came across cockleburs that grew in various organic hook shapes that might cling to passing animals or people. The delicate fabric of Mestral’s slacks formed a number of minute loops into which the hooks of the cockleburs could easily fit. Mestral decided to create a cloth version of the fastening mechanism after becoming aware of how challenging it was to get cockleburs out of clothing.

De Mestral examined the burrs under a microscope. He was an astute observer and amateur inventor. What he observed piqued his interest. De Mestral would spend the following 14 years attempting to duplicate what he saw under the microscope before releasing Velcro to the public in 1955.

Uses of Velcro

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Since its invention in the 1940s, Velcro, also referred to as “hook and loop” fasteners, has been a useful way to cinch things together. By joining one strip of plastic hooks to another strip of loops that resemble fuzzy fuzz, Velcro fasteners are created. They are resilient, fleeting, and adaptable. Velcro has many practical applications in daily life.

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