Working With Pantone Metallic Ink

Printing using metallic ink is a great way to make your prints stand out and make it more eye catching. It can be used for color printing applications as well as screen printing. The Pantone metallic colors is part of the Pantone Matching System (PMS). A pantone color is a standardized color that follows the Pantone Matching System. Using PSM colors allows consistent branding and maintains color consistency on all pages since the colors are all standardized.

Initially there were seven Pantone metallic colors ranging from gold to a shade of copper (871 to 876) and silver (877). These metallic inks can be mixed with colored inks to develop metallic tints. The metallic inks are pre-mixed and stored in a can and can be kept for long without it getting tarnished.

Pantone metallic inks are created with tiny metal flakes. After printing, once the ink dries it creates a brilliant metallic sheen. Brass flakes are used for gold and Aluminum flakes are used for Silver metallic ink. By varying the composition of the metallic flakes and using different tinted varnishes different shades of the ink are developed.

Metallic inks are more opaque compared to other spot colors and are therefore less impacted by the finish of the paper. When using metallic prints, you should avoid overprinting in order to get the desired result. Metallic inks aesthetically work better when used on larger areas. For a more distinct metallic luster, coated paper works better and for a softer luster, smooth uncoated papers can be used. It’s best not to use rough paper for Metallic ink Printing as some of the metallic finish is lost once it dries.

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