Interesting Facts About Paper Bags

The relevance of paper bags has been increasing as our environment is facing so many challenges due to the excess use of plastics. In this context, let’s see some of the interesting facts about paper bags. First of all, let’s talk about the decomposition time taken by paper bags that is an average of one month. So if you compare it with the time of a plastic bag then it is several times longer. Next is the resource from where the paper bags are made and they are from trees which is definitely a renewable resource, whereas the resources of plastic bags are nonrenewable and along with the plastic made out of it, it will also accumulate and cause damage to the environment.

The holding capacity of paper bags is more compared to plastic bags so that it is highly recommended for grocery shopping. Paper bags are more likely to be recycled than plastic bags is another truthful fact. Also, the energy taken to produce paper bags is much less when compared to the production of plastic bags. This will reduce the greenhouse gases produced while manufacturing them.

When they were first made, they were measured by how many bags of sugar they could hold which is an interesting fact about the paper bags. Paper bags can also be reused at home to store fruits like bananas mushrooms etc. so that they will last longer. Also, it saves space in the landfills if 1 ton of paper bags are recycled.

With an increase in population space in landfills are very necessary to store and process waste for global survival. If you have made up your mind to switch to paper bags, then it is a great thing. Dots are one of the best Paper Bags Suppliers in UAE. We even provide ropes for paper bags too.