Fascinating Factors and Prominence of Paper Bags

As our mother nature is facing challenges due to the frequent use of plastics, the importance of paper bags is increasing day by day. The decomposition time which is taken by paper bags is about a month but the plastics take several times longer than a paper bag. The paper bags are made out of trees which is a renewable source of energy while the resources that are utilized for making plastic bags are nonrenewable. The plastics assemble as well as harm to nature.

The paper bags are often recommended for grocery shopping as their holding capacity is more as compared to plastic bags. Another truthful fact about paper bags is that they are more likely to be recycled as compared to plastic bags. Dots are considered as one of the best Paper Bags Supplier UAE; they are also involved in providing strings for paper bags. This company also provides paper bags of different sizes and thickness to meet customers demand. The energy required for manufacturing paper bags is less when compared to the energy which is involved in manufacturing plastic bags. Therefore, this helps in reducing the greenhouse gases which is produced while manufacturing them.


Paper bags are reusable in nature and can be used in homes for storing other items. Everyone living on this earth is aware of the fact that how plastic is affecting the entire environment but yet many people have not switched to paper bags they still use plastic bags for carrying different things. In every human’s life, we find some of the other plastic material. People need to understand the eminence of paper bags as plastic bags are strenuous to decompose in the topsoil.

People need to switch to paper bags as soon as possible in order to change the scenario by doing their part. We can now find that many big branded shops are taking an initiative towards saving the planet earth from getting destroyed by using paper as well as cloth bags. So try to be a part of this initiative and start using paper or cloth bags in order to contribute towards the betterment of society as well as Mother Nature. You can also give awareness as well as inspiration to your family to switch to paper bags and say goodbye to plastic bags. Dots are one of the leading Paper Bags supplier UAE who makes sure that all the products are tested for quality and durability. Therefore, there are many alternatives to plastic bags and other plastic products if you open your eyes and look around. It is high time when you need to save the planet earth from degrading for the future generation.

You can contact Dots today and avail the best, lightweight and high strength paper bags. If you want to know more about the company you can visit their official website. Therefore, paper bags are recyclable, biodegradable, 100% reusable as well as at the same time they are also eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to wildlife.