An Eyelet Machine Can Increase Print Productivity

The eyelet machines are a very useful equipment in the field of printing and binding in UAE. The eyelet machine is mostly used to create eyelet holes on the edges of the sheet for erecting and stretching purposes. The eyelets are put in to the machine and gunned down on to the sheet. The modern eyelet machines are capable of punching in many number of holes per minute, whereby increasing the productivity of the print process. Present day eyelet machines are available as hand held, punching, semi and fully automated eyelet machines.


The eyelet machines can deliver plastic or metal eyelets on to PVC banners, fabrics, card boards, thin panels and segregated plastics. The uses of the machine are at multiple levels from industrial to home improvements. From making an eyelet for hanging a picture frame on the wall to crafting huge loads of PVC flex banner prints at the factory, the need for an Eyelet Machine occurs to people of all genre. The eyelet machines have become increasingly popular as it can be used in various scenarios of life. Some of the best examples can be seen on craft full social media videos.

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