A one-Stop-Shop For All Stationery Material: DOTS Trading

Established in the year 20007, Dots stationery material trading company is a leading manufacturer of Stationery Materials in Anjum, the UAE. The company aims at providing high-class products yet easy on the pocket. With a wide range of products, DOTS is being run by experts in their respective fields and their experience and dedication is the reason behind their success. There are several reasons to choose us.

Quality assured products- Quality is something that we have never compromise on and will never do. Customer satisfaction has been our motto and we have been striving to keep our promises ever since our launch almost 13 years back.

Affordable prices– Quality with prices that are budget-friendly and easy on the pocket. This is what we call a perfect combination.

Efficient services– Our team of experts has always been truthful to their work. Be it technology or designs or innovations, we have always proved to be the best in our field.

DOTS is the leading chocolate and Sweet Boxes supplier UAE. With years of experience in UAE, the company has launched an innovative way to offer chocolates or sweets in cost-effective boxes. These boxes are highly cost-efficient and are chosen by hundreds of people each day. Have you been looking for something that could make your gift for your loved ones, look even more beautiful and a treat for the eyes? As they say, the first impression lasts longer. Contact DOTS for the best quality Hard boxes for Gift and Perfumes supplier in UAE. We make sure that your gifts leave an everlasting impression.

Polybags are something that has been causing irreplaceable damage to our ecosystem. It’s time for a change. Say no to plastics and use paper bags and to get these at affordable prices, we are just a click away, the experts in Paper Bags Supplies in UAE. The range of our products is so wide that all your stationery related needs will be taken care of with us. From all kinds of tapes to rings used in binding, from Screws to glues and whatnot. We have it all.

The Dots Trading offers a wide range of metallic inks imported from Eckart, a German company,’ metal star’ being their premium brand. Pantone gold shades like rich pale gold, 872, 872, 873,874,875, and 877 from silver that we cater for. We also customize colours according to our client’s requirements.

If you are looking for the best Binding Accessories Supplier in UAE, we have been proved to be the best in the field. The testimonials we have been receiving from our clients have always motivated us to move forward to do even better. We have developed so much trust with our clients that the actual meaning of quality for them has a new name now DOTS trading company. We promise to keep this trust alive and also promise to keep serving you with the best.